Mike Z Band

The Mike Z Band mixes up a Simmerin' Pot of Rockin’ Blues with a nice dash of cayenne and Rock and Roll that satisfies your craving for some Home Cooked Tunes.

The two latest singles, Hummingbird Blues and I Like a Girl in Flat Shoes, feature Mike Z's signature sound of a gritty vocal and driving guitar on top of well-crafted catchy songs. Hummingbird Blues offers a tale of a hummingbird in the Caribbean that likes the ladies and showcases Mike’s brother, John “Squeak” Zaneski, sitting in on sax. I Like a Girl in Flat Shoes is a fun rocking number and accompanies the band’s first official YouTube video: I Like a Girl in Flat Shoes. The latest singles add to the Mike Z Band catalog that includes the previously released Talk to Myself and Heart Attack City CDs available on iTunes.

In addition to Mike Z on vocals and guitar, the Mike Z Band features the solid rhythm section of Carl Bader on drums and John Heenan on bass. Carl’s extensive music experience in the Philly area really tightens it up with John’s flowing bass, humor, and strong Philly studio and performing background. Larry Boggs sweetens up the mixes with his guitar and keyboards. Larry hails from Cerritos, CA where he toured the West Coast with various 60’s retro acts before moving East.

It should also be mentioned that the Aviom monitor system is used to support our recordings since Carl is Aviom’s CEO & President.

The new singles are available through CDBaby.com, Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. The band’s previous CDs, Talk to Myself and Heart Attack City, enjoyed sales in the US plus France, Germany, and South Australia.

The Mike Z Band is based in West Chester, PA and can be found at www.MikeZBand.com, www.YouTube.com/MikeZBand, and www.Facebook.com/MikeZBand The band can be contacted at 610-399-3833 or MikeZBand@gmail.com.

You can purchase Mike Z Band music in various ways across the web. Here are a few of our favorite ways.

Mike Z Band music is available at iTunes:

You can also find our earlier music under our pseudonym Cocktail Lizards on iTunes: iTunes - Cocktail Lizards - Cocktail Lizards

And, you can purchase actual CDs or download MP3s from CDBaby below: